Harry Groome is the author of the novels Wing Walking and Thirty Below, and the award-winning Stieg Larsson parody The Girl Who Fished with a Worm. A finalist for the William Faulkner Short Story Awards and nominated for the Pushcart Prize, Harry's short stories, poems and articles have appeared in dozens of magazines and anthologies including Gray's Sporting Journal, Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, Descant, Field & Stream and Detroit Magazine...
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The Best of Families
Judges for the awards included notable publishers, agents, publicists and bloggers. The Best of Families received the following verdict by IndieReader’s reviewers: “Hero Fran Delafield is a compelling narrator—and, even better, an engaging story teller in this tale of a Quebec-Pennsylvania love match. Set originally in the 1950s and moving through subsequent decades with historical events as a backdrop (the Vietnam war for one) Fran experiences joy and loss in a series of serendipitous circumstances: a marriage, divorce, combat injuries, children, parental revelations, death and a new beginning. Like life itself.”

The Best of Families is the revelatory midlife memoir of a Philadelphia socialite, Francis Hopkinson Delafield. Uncomfortable with the mores of one of the city's oldest families, Fran begins his story the summer after he graduates from prep school, when he dutifully marries his pregnant French Canadian girlfriend only to have her disappear within months of their marriage...Read More
Thirty Below
Carrie Ritter runs away to the wilds of Alaska with Bart McFee, a manly yet gentle fugitive from society who she has met through internet dating. Intent upon escaping her repetitive life in southern California where she has experienced one too many failed relationships, Carrie is shocked when she arrives at a tiny, wood-heated cabin with an outhouse set a daunting distance away amid a waist-high October snowfall. Forced to deal with sled dogs, wolves, sub-zero temperatures, blizzards, cabin fever and an eccentric native Alaskan intruder, she finds surviving in her new world bewildering and uncomfortable. But the majestic scenery dazzles her and the rigors of frontier life give her a bracing sense of self-sufficiency and Carrie eventually falls in love with her cabin mate and the natural landscape that defines her new life until the suffocating winter darkness sets in and her struggle to survive begins in earnest... Read More
The Girl Who Fished With A Worm
Swedish billionaire Olaf Gedda is found dead and his colleague, Gotilda Salamander, is accused of firing the fatal shot. Her prints were found all over the bucket of worms beside Gedda's corpse, so who else could have done it? Salamander's old flame, investigative journalist Jerker Rhindtwist, discovers that a few others had motives as well but, in the end, Salamander must hook the murderer herself... Read More
Wing Walking
Wing Walking opens the door to the corporate boardroom and provides a look at the well-hidden personal motives that shape executive decisions at the highest levels. In this suspense filled novel, egos and ambition, power and betrayal, love and longing weave together an engaging cast of characters in a tale that starts with the FDA recalling a blockbuster drug. With billions of dollars at stake, what follows is at times tragic, at times hopeful: a son tries to wrestle his family business from his father; a socially ambitious Englishman battles with his wife's embarrassing past; a Vietnam POW desperately seeks to become the industry's leader while trying to control his growing affection for one of his colleagues. Eventually all three become entangled in an acquisitive struggle in which it's difficult to tell the winners from the losers. Using his extensive experience as a business executive and corporate director, Harry Groome lets his readers in on the very real-and very human-conflicts and consequences of multinational corporate deal-making. Read More
Tales for the Trail
Tales for the Trail was designed to appeal to "armchair adventurers" as well as to backpacking, mountain-climbing, river-kayaking explorers who like to expand their wild experiences by toting a volume of good writing as part of their "essential gear." The collection of stories and poems includes adventures in air, land and waters, from New York's Adirondack Mountains to numerous other points on the physical and emotional compass. It is in the Adirondacks that Harry Groome's award winning short story, "No Trails to Follow," takes place. As in many of the stories in this anthology, the central character experiences serious mishaps but emerges more whole than when he entered his silent compact with a sometimes harsh nature, hence the central theme for Tales for the Trail: when we go into the wilderness, we come out of it as slightly altered, but better people... Read More
Fresh Fiction for Fresh Water Fishing
Fresh Fiction for Fresh Water Fishing-a feast of fishing stories in wild streams and rivers with poetry added for flavor-features Harry Groome's acclaimed "River Spirits" (nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2006; a finalist for the 1997 William Faulkner Short Story Awards) as its lead story. "River Spirits" is set on the legendary Miramichi River where we witness Elgin McLeod's struggles with a legendary salmon as well as with his need to be accepted by his father. There are also stories and poems here by David Jauss, Sid Gustafson, Tom Smith, Thomas Robert Barnes, Robert J. Romano, Jr. and other fine writers... Read More