Giant of the Valley includes
two novellas, Giant of the Valley and The Witness.

Set in the Adirondack mountains of New York, Giant of the Valley is a tale of a family struggling with the encroaching dementia of its aging patriarch, Big Louis McCutchen. 

The Witness is Jusuf Kurtovic’s story. A revered concert pianist, Jusuf pays a horrendous price to protect his Muslim granddaughters from being killed or raped during the Bosnian War. 

  • Indie Reader

    “Groome displays a real flair for nuanced prose and a keen ear for dialogue. With consummate ease the author is able to invoke both the verdant surroundings of the Adirondack mountains and the desolation and destruction of a city under siege…. Harry Groome has succeeded in crafting two thoroughly enjoyable novellas of very high caliber that show how two elderly patriarchs react to change by reflecting on their pasts and how each makes very different decisions on their futures.”


    “[In Giant of the Valley] Harry Groome’s portrait of a dynamic, powerful man growing old and falling into disuse and dementia is beautifully done…A sad and utterly sympathetic story. Groome’s giant is a heartbreaker.”


    “[In The Witness] Groome’s intriguing plot and the story’s compelling characters are finely delineated. The engrossing tale’s inherent pathos—life during the most prolonged city siege in the history of modern warfare, which happened in full view of the world and only ended in 1996—carries most of the story…An emotional and involving tale of a good man in a shattered city.”

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