Fresh Fiction For Fresh Water Fishing

Fresh Fiction For Fresh Water Fishing, a feast of fishing stories in wild streams and rivers with poetry added for flavor, features Harry Groome’s acclaimed “River Spirits” (nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2006; a finalist for the 1997 William Faulkner Short Story Awards) as its lead story. “River Spirits” is set on the legendary Miramichi River where we witness Elgin McLeod’s struggles with a fish of a life-time as well as with his need to be accepted by his father. There are also stories and poems here by David Jauss, Sid Gustafson, Tom Smith, Thomas Robert Barnes, Robert J. Romano, Jr., and other fine writers. Fresh Fiction For Fresh Water Fishing is a letterpress edition with a wood engraving by Frank C. Eckmair.

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Harry Groome

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