Tales For The Trail

Tales For The Trail was designed to appeal to “armchair adventurers” as well as to backpacking, mountain-climbing, river-kayaking explorers who like to expand their wild experiences by toting a volume of good writing as part of their “essential gear.” The collection of stories and poems includes adventures in air, land, and waters, from New York’s Adirondack Mountains to numerous other points on the physical and emotional compass. It is in the Adirondacks that Harry Groome’s award-winning short story, “No Trails to Follow,” takes place. As in many of the stories in this anthology, the central character experiences serious mishaps but emerges more whole than when he entered his silent compact with a sometimes harsh nature, hence the central theme for Tales For The Trail: when we go into the wilderness, we come out of it as slightly altered, but better people. Tales For The Trail is a letterpress edition with a wood engraving by Frank C. Eckmair.

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