Wing Walking

Wing Walking opens the door to the corporate boardroom and provides a look at the well-hidden personal motives that shape executive decisions at the highest levels. In this suspense filled novel, egos and ambition, power and betrayal, love and longing weave together an engaging cast of characters in a tale that starts with the FDA recalling a blockbuster drug. With billions of dollars at stake, what follows is at times tragic, at times hopeful: a son tries to wrestle his family business from his father; a socially ambitious Englishman battles with his wife’s embarrassing past; a Vietnam POW desperately seeks to become the industry’s leader while trying to control his growing affection for one of his colleagues. Eventually all three become entangled in an acquisitive struggle in which it’s difficult to tell the winners from the losers. Using his extensive experience as a business executive and corporate director, Harry Groome lets his readers in on the very real-and very human-conflicts and consequences of multinational corporate deal-making.


“Harry Groome’s Wing Walking is an elegantly taut page-turner, an intelligent tale of suspense and corporate double-dealing that gives us a chilling glimpse into the inner sanctum of the business world in a time when mega-corporations are suddenly revealed to be a bigger part of our daily lives than ever we imagined.”

New York Times bestselling author Bret Lott

“Wing Walking does what so many great books have done for me, which is to make a world I’d otherwise have little interest in suddenly burn not only with urgency on the level of storytelling but even with a kind of startling relevance personal to me, as though it now turns out that I, too, had spent my adult life in the land of high-stakes business dealings, and that the outcome of this saga will mark the last chime of my own family history. Gifted writers can turn this trick-to make the alien intimate.”

Christopher Noel author of In the Unlikely Event of a Water Landing and A Frail House

“Harry Groome does for business what John Grisham does for the law.”

North Country Public Radio

“This absorbing tale displays the full range of human foibles, tragedies and triumphs magnified and clearly delineated in the high-pressure atmosphere of corporate boardrooms and family dynasties. Harry Groome writes cleanly, clearly and with a sweeping pace that grips the reader throughout. Wing Walking is so alarmingly close to reality that it should not be classified as fiction.”

Henry Wendt former Chairman, SmithKline Beecham, author of Global Embrace

“Wing Walking is that rare thing nowadays-a corporate thriller of the first order that captures the high drama of the international boardroom. A thoroughly good read.”

Sir David John, KCMG, Chairman, Balfour Beatty Plc

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