A Writer’s Notes #8

Random thoughts on writing: “It’s not like you don’t have a choice, because you do—you can either type or kill yourself.” Anonymous. “…the real payoff is the writing itself…total dedication is the point.” Anne Lamott. “The hard part is getting to the top of page one.” Tom Stoppard. Or— “The hardest part of writing a novel is answering the question: what’s your new book about?” Donna Tartt. “We work in the dark; we do what we can…the rest is the madness of art.” Henry James. “Amateurs look for inspiration; the rest of us just get up and go to work.” Chuck Close. “There’s nothing easy about the literary life. It’s a punishing profession. Sissies need not apply.” Marie Arana. I agree with all of the above with special appreciation for Donna Tartt’s comment.

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